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Say it with Style is a promotional marketing agency that has taken an integrated approach that combines several key elements to deliver a memorable experience that creates Top of Mind awareness for your product and services, that includes one or all of the following:

  • Promotional Products
  • Promotional Packaging
  • Custom Wearables
  • Personalization
  • Incentive Programs
  • Custom Print
  • Mobile Marketing

When these key elements are combined it takes your promotional marketing efforts to a new level - truly tapping into the power of a promotional product

Call today and lets discuss your specific needs 


In the new economy, it is important to ask yourself, am I working with the right promotional partner. Anybody can take an order and deliver you a product, but very few promotional companies can sit with you and listen so they can create integrated solutions that truly support your sales and marketing strategies, that ultimately are designed to give you the competitive edge.

If you have been less than thrilled with the ideas, level of service and prompt attention to your requests, why not give Say it with Style a try.

Our ideas are designed to be memorable and measurable, so you get the best return on your investment.

We believe out of sight, is out of mind, is out of business.  Another key strategy we offer is finding business building solutions that positions your company, its the silent salesman strategy that when a buying decision is being made for your products and services, we have effectively positioned your name to improve your chances of getting that phone call.  It is all about creating "TOP of MIND" awareness for your product and services. 

Our solutions includes:

  • Mobile Marketing - Text Message Marketing / Mobile Website / QR code intregration
  • Promotional Products / Advertising Specialities
  • Dimensional Direct mail
  • Games - On-Line, Scratch & Win, Text & Win Game,
  • B2C - Consumer Traffic Building Solutions
  • B2B - Sales Generation Solutions
  • Appreciation Marketing -  Referral Marketing
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Sales Incentive Programs - Direct Sales and Distributor Sales
  • Custom Decorated Apparel
  • Unique and exclusive solutions you will not find on "google searches"
  • Fundraising Solutions for Schools and Athletic Sports

Here is our simply business philosophy and what you can expect when you work with us:

  • We will return your phone call within 3 hours or less
  • We will WOW you with the way we do business
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Call today and experience a different kind of conversation.

Eugene – The Promotion Machine
702 327 9042

Mailing address: 8813 Egyptian Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89143


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