The 5 marketing strengths of a Promotional Product – Part 5 of 5

The 5 marketing strengths of a Promotional Product – Part 5 of 5

Here we are at the last of the 5 strengths of a promotional product. This is the one strength that if your promotional product can achieve this, then you are onto a winner. The final strength is:


When someone uses a promotional product it indicates that the person has a favorable working relationship with that company, which implies they endorse it.

It could be as simple as a calendar on a clients wall or on their desk. Everyone who visits with that person in their office will see your name as the advertiser, thus implying they endorse you.

Wearable’s such as caps, T-shirts, polo’s and outdoor clothing are great endorsement vehicles. So are water bottles and bags. That why it is so important to ask yourself, is the item I am picking, USEFUL, NEEDED and WANTED. It could be something they probable would not go out and buy themselves, but they are more than happy to receive as a gift from you.

So if we take a look at the 5 marketing strengths of a promotional product, the more strengths you can incorporate into your chosen item, expect to get a better return on your marketing dollars.

· It’s Targeted

· It Provides Long Term Advertising Value

· The Medium Becomes the Message

· It Creates Goodwill

· The Endorsement Factor

Our biggest observations are how many folks are buying the same items, especially at trade shows. We see it with on-line stores pushing a top 100 of the most popular giveaways. These are the lists you want to avoid and go for something different that truly aligns with your target buyer and your overall objectives.

If you didn’t already now, there are over 800,000 promotional items available for you to choose from? We encourage promotional buyers to be creative, by choosing an item that incorporates the 5 strengths will go a long way to make your promotional gift more memorable.

That concludes the 5 marketing strengths of as promotional product.


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